Kickstart 2024 with a (free) new way to fundraise.

Fundraising made fun.

Inspire generous giving through exciting online fundraising games and activities.

Are you an organization, nonprofit, or individual looking to raise money for a good cause? Engage your donors in a unique and fun way with gamified giving through GivingBlox! Best of all, it's FREE!

Fundraising Games Demo - Giving Blocks

Gamified Giving

Fundraising made fun. Our online fundraising software platform increases engagement by enabling goal driven giving campaigns that are fun and exciting for donors.

Flexible Use

Setup an account in minutes. Create unlimited fundraising games. Mobile friendly and intuitive interface for any device, no app needed.

Free to Use

No platform fees. No monthly subscription cost. Just free. Donors can choose to leave a small tip to help cover platform costs, but it's completely optional.

Any cause

Whether you're a non-profit on a mission, a company kickstarting a new idea, or an individual with a passion or project, GivingBlox is for you!

Fundraising Games Demo - The Great Reveal

Game demos

Cause Collage

The Great Reveal

Giving Blocks

Outgive Me

Perfect Poll

Fundraising Games Demo - Outgive Me

GivingBlox Features

  • FREE Unlimited fundraising games
  • No application fees
  • Game: Cause Collage
  • Game: Great Reveal
  • Game: Giving Blocks
  • Game: Outgive Me
  • Game: Perfect Poll
  • Web based, mobile optimized, no app needed
  • Secure and fast payouts
  • Automated email receipts to donors
  • Intuitive Administrative Dashboard
  • Use your branding

Here's how it works

Create a GivingBlox account

It's free and it's quick, whether you are a non-profit, a company, or an individual.

Configure payment settings

We partner with PayPal and Stripe to provide secure and reliable payments. You can link an existing account, or we walk you through quickly creating a FREE Stripe or PayPal account.

Create your first game and publish!

It's simple and intuitive to set up your first fundraising game. Promote to your networks and watch the magic happen!

Bringing your fundraising to life with exciting and engaging donation games.

You have a great cause, and you have a great donor network. GivingBlox gives you the tools to maximize engagement and drive your fundraising to the next level.

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Get started now for FREE

No payment, no credit card, just free. We just ask for your email and name, and you are on your way to a whole new level of donor engagement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

GivingBlox charges no application fees! That's right, no monthly subscription fee and no application fee on transactions. Instead, we allow donors to provide an optional tip to GivingBlox to cover costs and to support our nonprofit partnerships. We won't ask you for a credit card, and you can register and begin configuring your account today for free.

Payment processing fees - These fees are collected by Stripe or PayPal (our payment providers). If you are a registered nonprofit, you may qualify to request a reduced non-profit rate for most card transactions. There are exceptions for international cards and currency conversion. More information on Stripe fees can be found at here, and more information on PayPal fees can be found at here. It is your responsibility to fully understand the Stripe and PayPal fee models, as we have no control over those fees.

We parner with Stripe and PayPal to provide built in payment gateways. As part of the initial setup, you will securely link your organization bank account. Payouts will be directly deposited to your account on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis based on your preference.

No! Nonprofits, businesses, and individuals can all use GivingBlox. When you register or link your free Stripe or PayPal account, you will designate your account type. One perk for nonprofits is that they may qualify for discounted transaction fees.

Yes, Stripe is built for all kinds of use cases, which includes individuals who may not have a company in their name. When you activate your account, you should select that you are a Individual/Sole proprietor. Stripe's onboarding language is business centric, but we provide some helpful tips for getting your free personal Stripe account setup here. It just takes a few minutes and you'll be on your way to fundraising with GivingBlox!

Don't want to enable platform tips? No problem! You can disable tips in exchange for a small application fee of 5% per transaction. Learn more about how tips work here.

GivingBlox is a PCI compliant payment gateway through it's partnerships with Stripe and PayPal. We never see or directly handle or store payment information, but rather it is routed through secure channels directly to Stripe or PayPal.

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