Stripe for Individuals

While Stripe's account creation language is business-centric in some cases, Stripe is equally easy to set up and use for personal or non-profit events.

Regardless of your GivingBlox account type, you will still need to complete the 'Account Application' to accept and process payments. The following information may be helpful as you click that "Onboard Stripe" button on your GivingBlox profile!

Tell Us About Your Business

Simply enter in details about your organization/fundraiser and why you're collecting payments. If accepting monetary gifts for your adoption, for example, enter something like:

"Accepting monetary gifts for my adoption fundraiser."

If for a non-profit event, for example:

"We're accepting donations for my organization's campaign. Our organization is called World Hope."

Your Website

Enter any personal, professional or GivingBlox profile web address. Refer to your GivingBlox dashboard for the link to your public profile page.

Account Details

If accepting payments personally, select Individual / Sole Proprietorship. Enter your Social Security Number as the Tax ID.

If accepting payments for your non-profit or student organization and you don't have a Tax ID, select Individual / Sole Proprietorship. Enter a Social Security Number of an organizational board member or executive.

You, the Business Representative

Enter your personal details. If accepting payments for your non-profit or student organization, you must enter the personal details of an authorized board member or organization executive.

Credit Card Statement Details

Make this something that your donors will readily recognize as associated with you or your event. Examples...

  • John and Jane Doe
  • Wilmington Student Council
  • People First
  • Alpha Beta Fraternity

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