Introducing Cause Collage

Turning Fundraising into Art

In the realm of fundraising, innovation often leads to increased engagement and support for worthy causes. At GivingBlox, we're thrilled to unveil our latest feature, Cause Collage, a groundbreaking fundraising game that transforms campaigns into works of art. With Cause Collage, donors become artists, contributing to a collective masterpiece that reflects the spirit and diversity of your cause. Let's delve into the exciting details of this new addition to our platform.

How Cause Collage Works

Cause Collage is a dynamic fundraising game that empowers donors to contribute creatively to your cause. Here's how it works:

  1. Setup: Begin by setting a minimum donation amount to participate in the Cause Collage game. This ensures that every contributor becomes a part of the artistic endeavor.
  2. Publish and Share: Once the game is set up, share the link with your donors, inviting them to participate in crafting the collage.
  3. Contribution: Donors can view the evolving collage and make a donation to contribute their own block. Each block offers various creative options, including selecting a stock image or GIF, writing a message, freeform drawing on a canvas, or uploading a short video clip or picture.
  4. Moderation: Administrators have full moderation control to ensure the collage aligns with your standards. Any blocks that do not meet the criteria can be hidden from the final composition.
  5. Endless Creativity: The game continues until you decide to close it, allowing donors to contribute and shape the collage over time.

Unique Features of Cause Collage

  • Interactive Canvas: Donors have the freedom to express themselves creatively, whether through visual elements, messages, or multimedia content.
  • Collaborative Artistry: Cause Collage fosters a sense of community as donors come together to create something meaningful and unique.
  • Flexibility and Moderation: Administrators have the flexibility to curate the collage while empowering donors to unleash their creativity within defined guidelines.

Expanding Fundraising Possibilities

While Cause Collage takes center stage as our newest feature, GivingBlox offers a suite of fundraising games to suit various campaign needs:

  • The Great Reveal: Build anticipation and engagement by gradually revealing an image as donors purchase blocks.
  • Giving Blocks: Encourage general fundraising or campaign-specific contributions by allowing donors to purchase blocks and optionally have their names listed.
  • Outgive Me: Foster friendly competition among donors as they vie to become the top contributor, keeping the momentum going until you decide to close the game.
  • Perfect Poll: Harness the power of voting with donations, allowing donors to cast their votes for candidates or options of your choosing.


Cause Collage represents a new frontier in fundraising, blending creativity with philanthropy to produce captivating results. Whether you're raising funds for a charitable organization, school, or community project, Cause Collage offers a fresh and engaging approach to donor participation. Join us in embracing the art of giving and making a difference, one block at a time. Start your Cause Collage journey today with GivingBlox.


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