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Top 21 Fundraising Game Ideas


Hosting a successful fundraiser requires creativity and engagement to entice donors and participants alike. Incorporating fun and interactive games into your event can significantly enhance the fundraising experience. Whether you're organizing a charity gala, school fundraiser, or community event, these top 21 fundraising game ideas are sure to captivate your audience and boost donations.

  1. Online Giving Games: Donors interact with web based donation games that encourage giving and competition, fostering engagement and excitement among virtual participants. The GivingBlox platform provides a variety of online giving games to elevate your fundraising event or online giving campaign. Sign up for free to get started.
  2. Heads or Tails: Guests predict coin toss outcomes, and those guessing correctly stay standing until one winner remains, adding an element of suspense to the game.
  3. Wine Pull: Participants purchase tickets to select a mystery bottle from the display, with the chance to take home a bottle worth more than the ticket price, adding excitement to wine enthusiasts.
  4. Mystery Box: Guests purchase boxes containing mystery gifts, with surprises ranging from gift certificates to electronics, creating anticipation and excitement for each reveal.
  5. Voting Competition: Donors cast votes for their favorite contestants or participants, with each vote contributing to fundraising efforts, fostering engagement and competition among supporters.
  6. Wish List: Donors contribute to specific causes by selecting donation levels displayed on a giving tree, providing transparency and allowing guests to see the impact of their contributions.
  7. Balloon Pop: Participants pop balloons to reveal numbered tickets, with each number corresponding to a mystery prize, offering instant gratification and surprise for participants.
  8. Ring Toss: Guests purchase tickets for a chance to toss a ring around a wine bottle, with different ticket levels or distances for added challenge and excitement.
  9. Traditional Raffle: Donors purchase tickets for a chance to win prizes, with winners drawn at random, creating anticipation and excitement as winners are announced.
  10. Digital or Online Raffle: Participants purchase tickets online for a chance to win prizes, with winners selected using a random number generator, offering convenience and accessibility for virtual attendees.
  11. Basket Raffle: Donors purchase tickets for individual raffle items, with each basket offering a unique prize, encouraging guests to choose their preferred prizes.
  12. Reverse Raffle: Participants purchase tickets, with the last ticket drawn declared the winner, offering a unique twist on the traditional raffle format and adding excitement as the draw progresses.
  13. Live-Auction Raffle: Guests purchase golden tickets for a chance to win a live auction item of choice, adding exclusivity and value to the prize selection process.
  14. 50/50 Raffle: Donors purchase tickets, with half the proceeds going to the winner and the other half to the organization, providing a simple and straightforward fundraising opportunity.
  15. Wheelbarrow of Cheer: Participants purchase raffle tickets for a chance to win a wheelbarrow filled with goodies, with each ticket offering the possibility of winning the grand prize.
  16. Cornhole Tournament: Teams compete in a bean bag toss game, aiming to score points by landing bags on the board or through the hole, fostering friendly competition and camaraderie among participants.
  17. Champagne Diamond: Guests purchase glasses of champagne, with one containing a real diamond, creating an air of elegance and excitement as guests await the grand reveal.
  18. Last Paddle Up: Donors pledge cumulative amounts, with the final paddle raised declared the winner, motivating guests to make generous contributions to secure the prize.
  19. Scratch Card Fundraiser: Participants purchase scratch cards with concealed areas hiding potential prizes or donation amounts, providing instant gratification and excitement as they reveal their rewards.
  20. Trivia Night: Guests form teams and compete in a trivia contest, with entry fees contributing to fundraising efforts, offering a fun and intellectually stimulating activity for attendees.
  21. Guessing Game: Guests pay to guess the number of candies in a jar, the weight of a cake, or another quantifiable item, with the closest guess winning a prize, adding an element of fun and anticipation to the event.

With these engaging fundraising game ideas, you can elevate your event and inspire greater participation from donors, ultimately helping you reach your fundraising goals. Whether you're hosting an in-person or virtual event, these games are sure to create memorable experiences for your supporters while making a meaningful impact for your cause.

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